Welcome to Ernest Semerda‘s blog on my experiments in Personal Development, Productivity & Inner Peace.

Who is Ernest: I am an Aussie (from Sydney) currently living in Silicon Valley, California. I moved here in early 2009 to create change by breaking old patterns. My friends call me renaissance man since my expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas like software engineeringphotography, internet & music startups and life exploration. More…

Value for you: I use this blog as a place to share with you, my life explorer, everything which I learn that I see is of value. It is also a place where you can share your experiences. This way we can enrich each others human experience. I’m certain you will enjoy the content here and find the topics useful and enlightening.

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Friends I haven’t met yet

I enjoy meeting and connecting with like-minded individuals. I like to look at people I don’t know yet as friends I haven’t met yet. Follow me on Twitter, connect with me on Linkedin and explore my photos on Flickr. Most of all, say g’day to this Aussie.

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