How I lost 13 pounds in 8 days on a lemon detox diet

by ernest on June 16, 2010

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I love food. Eating it and enjoying its flavours and texture. So how could I ever give up solid food for whole 8 days and survive mentally. Did I mention I love food.

So I did it. It was easier than I thought.

I dedicated myself to a lemon detox for 8 days and lost 13 pounds. The results were amazing! Most people around me complemented how “I look thinner on the face” and “have a smaller belly”. Awesome, just awesome! Many have asked me to give them the full details on this detox program since they too are willing to try it out. So, as promised here is the program to follow and what to expect day by day based on my own accounts over the 8 days of not eating solid food, just drinking a liquid formula known as the lemon detox.

Lemon detox – what is it?

The Neera Super Cleanse from Amazon

The Neera Super Cleanse from Amazon

  • It’s a body and mind detoxification program that aids in the removal of allegedly harmful, nonspecific toxins from within the body, as well as a reducing diet for loss of weight.
  • The cleanse involves drinking only a concoction made from fresh lemons, grade C maple syrup and cayenne pepper, as well as a laxative tea. No solid food is eaten for the entire cleanse.
  • There are many variations of the Cleanse program but I used The Neera Super Cleanse. It is supposedly a better version of the famous Stanley Burroughs Master Cleanser diet.
  • A Convenient kit from Amazon includes everything needed to do the diet except lemon juice: Madal Bal Syrup (a special blend of grade C Canadian maple syrup and palm syrups from South Asia), 1 x Neera instruction book, Neera organic laxative tea, and organic cayenne pepper.
  • You will also need to purchase fresh lemons and squeeze them into the Neera drink blend. This helps with the cleansing process since lemons are alkaline.
  • This is the diet made famous by Beyoncé and other celebrities in LA. And it works – see results below.
Don't forget to buy Fresh lemons

Don't forget to buy Fresh lemons

Why I did it

  • I love to experiment and try out new things. This type of change requires a lot of persistance and determination to stick with it and go all the way. I wanted to prove to myself that I can do this. 8 days was what I could spare but I recommend you do it for at least 10-15 days. That’s going to be my next detox, 15 days.
  • We all have some weight we all want to get rid of. So did I; and this was one quick way to get rid of it. My wife lost nearly 20 pounds in 15 days just over a year ago so this had to work. It also inspired me to give it a shot. Nothing speaks louder than prior results on people close to you.
  • Health benefits of detoxifying your body. There are plenty of articles online about this topic.
  • I wanted to stop being a slave to food for energy. This lemon detox diet switches your body’s source of energy from food to fats. Food as an energy source has a downside by taking us for a daily ride up and down (like a sine wave). As we eat the sugars and fats in our food we experience a high (up) and then after consumption, the body redirects all it’s energy into burning it. So the gut receives a lot of energy and this robs our cognitive processes (down). This continues throughout the day, up and down, up and down like a rollercoaster. So we relay on caffeine (tea / coffee / energy drinks) to drag us out of the slumps only to be dragged back down with a larger force when the caffeine wears. This trashes our nervous system by delivering jitters and an addiction as the body becomes immune to caffeine so we fuel more and more into it. A vicious never-ending cycle. Of course we can always drink Yerba Mate which is a lot better in energy delivery but is sure doesn’t beat the body’s natural energy source, fats.

How to make the blend (lemon detox drink)

How the final lemon detox blend looks

How the final lemon detox blend looks

Batch Amount Syrup Lemon Juice Cayenne Water
1 glass (12 oz) 2 Tablespoons 2 Tablespoons Pinch 10 oz.
1 quart 2.5 oz. 2.5 oz. Large pinch 27 oz.
1 liter 80 ml. 80 ml. Large pinch 840 ml.
2 quarts 5 oz. 5 oz. 1 teaspoon 54 oz.

My experience on the lemon detox – day by day

The following day by day analysis are snippets of my experience as I recorded them each day.

Day 1

  • The lemon detox drink (maple mix) tastes all right. The lemons help balance the sweetness of the maple syrup. Make sure you do not add too much cayenne pepper’s unless you like your drink spicy. I learnt this tip in my 1st batch.
  • It’s amazing how much the conscious mind thinks about food when the body is forbidden of it. Every few minutes.
  • It was ironic that I also started on this day. I come into work and in the kitchen were free sweets, I couldn’t have these since I’m on this detox. Then in my 1st meeting for the day, breakfast muffins – which I couldn’t have. Then an afternoon meeting a work colleague brought in designer cup capes – I couldn’t have. Man… how hard!! But I stayed strong. Was my mind more receptive to lack of food?
  • Experiencing a small headache with pain on each side of my head.
  • I am a bit unsettled due to lack of food. Extended periods without food typically drive my mood in the negative direction.
  • Feeling tired so I took a nap on the couch at 8pm and woke up at 1am. Went to bed and slept till 5:25am. Sleeping pattern disrupted. Lack of energy or maybe catching up on lost sleep from night before?
  • My weight – 196 pounds.

Day 2

  • Woke up full of energy at 5:25am. Read a book. My mind took in a lot of content which was awesome! Is this energy stabilisation day?
  • What do you know… it’s National Donut Day (4th of June). It’s hard celebrating National Donut Day.. while being on a lemon detox diet – D’oh! A work colleague brought in Krispy Kreme donuts and offered it to me, I had to decline. Gotta stay strong. I love Krispy Kreme donuts.
  • Napped for 1.5 hours, 5-6:30pm. Lack of energy or just my body needing to remove toxins hence the nap?
  • I think my mental capacity has dropped. Maybe it’s the tiredness doing this. I’m not as sharp or quick on the ball with cognitive processes. Weird. But I know this won’t last long.
  • My weight – 190 pounds. Lost 6 pounds in 1 day? Hmm… this looks good! Although this was most likely the food which has now officially left my body.

Day 3

  • No headaches today. Feeling better.
  • It’s amazing how much the conscious mind ticks over on the topic of food especially when the senses pickup a faint smell of it. It’s as though food drives our conscious thoughts for at least 30% of the day… well for me anyway lol
  • I’m staying away from all visual & scent of food.
  • Feels like there is now extra time available since the physical and cognitive no longer have to accommodate for the preparation & consumption of food. Seems like there is an extra free hour or 2 available per day! Wow.
  • My tongue feels funny and has strange layer of unknown deposit on it. Lack of water or toxins surfacing? Need to brush tongue to get rid of it.
  • Energy levels are out the door. Up and down. Needed power nap. This one lasted few minutes and then I’m back into full swing. Hmmm… things are getting better?
  • Since I cannot eat or drink anything else it becomes awkward being out at the cinema. The typical ritual is dinner before cinema. Now it’s just cinema. No dinner so no socializing over dinner. Feels awkward.
  • My weight – 189.4 pounds. Lost 0.6 pounds.

Day 4

  • Didnt really think about the fact I had no food today. Kept myself busy all day and night.
  • No headaches or any energy issues. I think the worst part is over. Was this the beginning of the good?
  • My weight – 186.8 pounds. Lost 2.6 pounds.

Day 5

  • I had good feedback from work colleagues that my face looks thinner. Awesome news! Detox must be working.
  • Good day today with plenty of energy. Fells great.
  • No more tension around my waist line. The custom fit tailor pants feel like a great fit.
  • Rethinking the last few days on the lemon detox diet:
    • So I can see we are sugar addicts. Always waiting for that hit from solid food. Changing your source of energy from sugars to fat is an ideal way to get a steady source of energy.
    • Downside – my stomach started grumbles every morning (and afternoons) since there is no food to burn. I need to drink more of the detox mixture as a replacement.
    • Helps if your partner is also doing it with you. The smell of food can be a strong driver. Good that Ula was doing this detox with me.
    • First 2 days small headaches but it goes away on day 3. Friends & family who did this lemon detox experienced major headaches. I may be lucky here since mine were moderate and manageable by keeping myself busy.
    • Energy levels for first 3 days are bad. My cognitive functions (speed) also appeared to have dropped but not dramatically to affect my everyday requirements.
  • Now every day is an even energy curve. No sugar / caffeine spikes or crashes. It feels very strange to have this level of consistent energy. It’s bliss in one way. In total control. I feel like I’m no longer a slave to whatever I eat. The body is definitely a finely tuned machine when its inputs are improved. Spoken like a true software engineer. lol
  • My weight – 186.4 pounds. Lost 0.2 pounds.

Day 6

  • Belly grumbles too much in the morning from 5:40am to 7am. Great alarm clock! Time to fill it with my daily liquid breakfast – lemon detox.
  • Day went splendidly well. No issues with energy or any urges to eat food.
  • I could do this for a long time. But I think next time I need to have protein shakes to stop any muscle deterioration from lack of protein in the lemon detox diet.
  • My weight – 185.6 pounds. Lost 0.8 pounds.

Day 7

  • When we isolate some of our senses for an extended period of time they seem to get forget but at the thought of food they light up with vibrancy and energy ready for it.
  • Not hungry these days at all. I can go on like this for a lot longer but I know that it’s going to be hard to get back into society lol not really thinking about food. It definitely helps when food isn’t seen or smelled.
  • Good energy levels throughout the day. Loving the consistent energy.
  • Work colleagues are asking me about this program, will blog about it – time to spread the good news!
  • My weight – 184.2 pounds. Lost 1.4 pounds.

Day 8

  • Last day of the detox. Feeling like I’m ready to eat! Also the taste of the syrup drink is no longer as pleasing – like overeating on food I think I over drank this stuff and need change. I have this weird sweet maple syrup taste on my tongue which is making me feel a bit sick. Again, over drank this stuff so I’m ready to go back to solid food.
  • My weight – 183.8 pounds. Lost 0.4 pounds.
Final weight - lost 13 pounds on lemon detox diet

Final weight - lost 13 pounds on lemon detox diet

Day 9 – 1st day off the lemon detox

  • Back on Food! Before I ate I weight in at 183 pounds. Lost 0.8 pounds overnight.
  • Had nice lunch with Ula, a jumbo orange & carrot juice from Jamba Juice. Just fruit juices all day today.

Day 10 – 2nd day off the lemon detox

  • 1st hard food for lunch – chicken caesar in San Francisco. Felt heavy on the belly but without any bad side effects. Building my stomach back up to solids.
  • Already missing the lemon detox but I know I will return to it later.

Day 11 – 3rd day off the lemon detox – back to solid food

  • Belly is back to normal. Solid food is now accepted 80% of the time.
  • Feels like my belly cannot hold as much food as it used to. It may have shrunk; which is great news! Now I need to retain it this way by eating smaller portions.

Questions & Answers on the lemon detox

Q1. Is this starvation?
A1. No. You actually stop feeling hungry since the lemon detox formula is filling up your empty stomach. It is a “very low-calorie” diet so expect to lose weight.

Q2. Is this all water weight you lost?
A2. Nope. I drank 2.5 Litre (2.64 quarts) of water enriched with natural lemon juice & maple syrup each day. Enough nutrients to keep me going each day.

Q3. Can I go to the gym while on this program?
A3. Probably not since you do not have enough Protein in this diet to stop muscle deterioration.

Q4. Ok I want to do this too! Where do I get the goods from?
A4. Directly from Amazon, click here to get a good deal from Amazon. There are 5, 10 and 15 day packs. Try the 10 day pack 1st since it’s a reasonable price or if you are doing this with your partner grab the 15 day pack and split it.

Q5. So what’s the go with the toilet business on this detox?
A5. Yes. This is always a tough topic to get into without getting into unwanted detail. Let’s just say things change temporarily during your detox and you do spend more time on the toilet since it’s easier for your body to process liquids then solids. Let’s just say no.2 transforms into no.1. lol

In America, get it here:

5 day pack
10 day pack
15 day pack

In Australia, get it here:
Lemon Detox Diet – Australian home of the Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup Cleansing Diet

Final thoughts

You really get to realise how eating consumes your day, how food is a part of your thoughts and it’s affect on your body. Especially heavy foods which have a tendency to drag energy levels to a crawl. On this diet you experience consistent flow of energy throughout the day; no spikes or drops. It’s bliss and peaceful to have this level of consistency and energy to keep moving. The downside is socializing over dinner is next to non-existant unless you have a strong will to watch your friends eat. It’s ok, this is only temporary.

If you really want to stay on the lemon detox wagon I highly recommend if your partner is also doing it with you. The smell of food can be a strong driver to fall off the wagon. Also try to stay away from food so you do not smell it or see it. Years of “programming” for food consumption is hard to change so adjust your environment.

1st time every I can do this! belt clip was on the last setting.

1st time every I can do this! belt clip was on the last setting.

What’s next?

The meat detox, crab detox followed by donut detox. No seriously this lemon detox is great to do seasonal. I have committed myself to a seasonal detox program. To get rid of the old and welcome the new.

So there you have it. How I lost 13 pounds in 8 days on a lemon detox diet!

This is something which you can do too. Of course it’s not going to be easy for everyone. I know people who had a far worse reaction to the lemon detox then I. Massive headaches and huge energy drops in the first 3 days have been the common symptoms. But don’t let this scare you away. Your body reacts in this way because it’s flushing out the toxins. This is a good thing. Just persist and when the storm passes a massive shift in both your energy and well-being will shine thru.

It’s worth a shot, after all you only have 1 body and your health should always be a priority in your life. Without health you cannot exist and thus cannot take care of your loved ones and experience life the way it should be experienced.

Happy detoxing!

1st July 2010 Update (3 weeks update)

So it’s now been 3 weeks since I finished my detox program and I have only gained 2.2 pounds. Awesome! The 2.2 gain is the solid food digesting inside.

I hope this demonstrates to conspiracy theorists that this diet does work.

Of course I didn’t hit pizza and burgers straight after I finished the program. I now have an appreciation for eating the right type of food and feel my body’s response to what I put in. I listen to my body what it needs and feed it what it needs instead of eating what I see from all the marketing.

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  • Andrzej

    Well done mate!
    “Let’s just say no.2 transforms into no.1″ – lol

  • Ernest Semerda

    Thanks Andrzej :-) I love transformations into super duper healthier & skinnier Ernest!! Clothes fit better, body looks better and I have more energy.

  • Ashleylatin

    Im going to try this Monday morning….it is now Friday….aghhhh….I will be doing two weeks…I am desperately trying to lose about 35 pounds but I think if I can lose at least 20 doing this program I will be encouraged to continue with the last 15. I’ve already been hitting the treadmill and was able to lose nine pounds but some of it came back even though I’ve been eating salads and doing the treadmill every night.
    I am convinced that because of my lack of energy I may not be getting the best out of my workouts (although they are for 60 minutes a day) or maybe Im consuming too many calories that I dont make up for….but recently I have been just maintaining my weight instead of losing it so Im fed up and ready to do something drastic about this thats gonna push me in the right direction….actually SHOVE me lol.
    The only thing that Im concerned about is that I live with several other people who cook and eat all of the time and Im so worried that the food smells will cause me to lapse…..but Im going to try to stay strong!
    Pray for me lol….Im in for some heavy temptation! :)

  • ernest

    Good luck with the lemon detox! I’m sure you will do well and see great results.

  • The Curvy Goddess


    I hope you succeeded in The Master Cleanse. You should 

  • Ashley Latin

    Thank you! I wound up losing 35 pounds after the cleanse, heavy exersize and dieting. im a happy camper! success story! next up? 2012 Calendar shoot in November :)

  • AED kopen

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